Find out what Best Eye has to offer your school picture program.

school pictures (pre-k -12) Find out what Best Eye has to offer your school picture program.
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LESS IS MORE Less work for you! We send an assistant with the photographer to ensure a smooth photo day. We distribute the sitting cards & assist the students with their hair, should they so desire. We will also work with your yearbook company to directly upload images into your yearbook.
HELP A FAMILY IN NEED We offer a complimentary portrait package to all faculty and staff members. Should they decide to decline the package, they can choose to donate the free package to an underprivileged student at your school.
in the driver's seat You choose the backgrounds, package and products that you want to offer your parents. You also set the commission % you would like to receive for your fundraising program.
timing is everything We guarantee your packages are delivered prior to Thanksgiving.
Your commission money is paid 3 weeks from photography, when we hand deliver your photographs.
bye bye blemish We digitally retouch all portraits FREE OF CHARGE, so your students and staff look their best.
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products & services We will work with you to customize a program that fits your school's specific needs. Safety ID cards for all students Mosaic composites / all school composites Group photography for yearbooks Yearbook CDs Administrative data/picture CDs Sticky prints ID Cards Banners Direct package mailing to parents Marketing Materials Online Ordering
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